Active Shooter And Other Drills At School Are Giving Kids A Lifetime Of Anxiety

There is a fine line between teaching kids to make good decisions and forcing them to think — and worry — like tiny grown-ups.

My son is more sensitive than many of his peers. When he was a toddler, he hated fireworks, feared action movies, and was wary of swimming, large crowds and loud noises. His heightened sensitivity is one small, lovely part of who he is, and we do our best to guide him through troublesome events with dialogue and love. As a parent, I empathize with his worries, but try not to highlight them. He is a happy kid who loves school and play equally — most of the time.

What I didn’t plan for were the sleepless nights he would endure because of decisions other adults make: the decisions by schools to immerse small children into a world full of grown-up fears.

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