Despite all the talk about curbing gun violence and securing our schools, school violence is still on the rise. Parents are scared to send their children to school. Teachers and students are scared to be at school. Lockdown drills and inconsistent safety measures are affecting students’ mental health and academic success. While news stations and politicians throw accusations and dodge questions, real people and real businesses are coming up with real
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School legislatures around the country are now stepping in, acknowledging the issue that school shootings are causing. They’ve been emphasizing the critical importance of lockdown drills to support the school’s overall safety plan. We do need to prepare for the case of an active shooter, but what about the mental safety of our own kids? Parkland High shooting survivor, Sydney Aiello, recently took her own life. Her parents stated to Miami
Pellet guns were part of an active shooter training. Teachers were told to kneel against a wall and sprayed with plastic pellets. Then left with welts and bruises. It was an active shooter training conducted by a local sheriff’s office in Indiana, according to a report on the incident in the Indianapolis Star. The drill featured officers from the White County Sheriff’s Office, and training from an organization called ALICE (Alert,
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The Bergen County Safe Schools Task Force (SSTF) recently met at Harrington Park School, Harrington Park, New Jersey, to experience the new REMO classroom security doors. They were very impressed. The security doors have a multi-point locking system and bullet resistant components, as well as an overall durability for a lifetime of protection. They are superior to every other door on the market. Improving security at Bergen County Schools was a
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The most important role in the school is the superintendent. He is hired to assess education programs. To make decisions regarding school budget. To employ, supervise, and manage both principals and staff. He is the top executive. With all that comes with his position, is it really the superintendent’s responsibility to be a security guard too? Is it the principal’s responsibility? Is it the teacher’s responsibility? Over a year ago, 17
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