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A door plays a critical role in our safety and security.

When gun violence is on the rise and anti-semitic incidents in the United States hit a four-decade high - it is time to protect your community.

Remo specializes in building custom security doors:

Remo's security solutions are affordable and can be built to fit almost any budget. There are plenty of government grants available, which gives us the opportunity to help protect our community by utilizing outside funding.

Explore our security doors, and become active in protecting your community.

כל המציל נפש אחת כאילו הציל עולם ומלואו

If you save one life you safe the world entirely

יעדער איינער וואָס סאַוועס איין נשמה ווי אויב ער געראטעוועט אַ גאנצע וועלט

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Antisemitism Figures in the US

Of the 96 victims of violent assaults, including five fatalities, across the US, 25 were targeted in Brooklyn alone.


Vicious and lethal antisemitic attacks against communities occurred in Poway, Jersey City and Monsey, and a spree of violent assaults in Brooklyn.


In total, there were 2,107 anti-Semitic incidents in the US. Overall, harassment increased by 6%, vandalism by 19%, and assault by a massive 56%.

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Anti-Semitic incidents in the United States hit a four-decade high in 2019.


Source: Anti-Defamation League (ADL)