Remo Security Doors offers the highest level of protection against terror-level, forced-entry attacks. As well as, rifle-level ballistic threats in a structural steel, pre-hung assembly engineered for long term durability. With an optional fire rating and a number of available configurations, materials and hardware sets, these doors are highly adaptable to a wide spectrum of uses and architectural designs. Remo FE/BR doors are manufactured with true craftsmanship as evidenced by their beautiful appearance, ease of operation and decades of operation and decades of maintenance free service.

  • General Description: The door leaf is constructed two galvanized steel sheets reinforced by horizontal and vertical steel bars welded to the steel sheets and an inner metal reinforcment plate creating a high security door structure. A four way central mortise lock with five reinforcement locking mechanisms, four fixed rear security bolts and four concealed hinges highly secure the door against forced entry.
  • Door finish: Electrostatic powder coating, Over 400 different colors
  • We offer a full line of single and pair swinging blast-resistant Ballistic and Forced Entry doors. Vision light configurations range from peep sites to dual glazed window systems. Single and biparting sliding door systems are also available with either manual or power controls. Tandem assemblies, as well as double egress options are available as well.
  • Many of our blast-resistant products use a frame profile similar to standard hollow metal frame. Other options include split style frames, as well as tandem, four-sided, and double egress configurations. We manufacture frames to meet your exact need. Wrapping frames are sized to your wall. Slip in styles are also available. A range of mullion configurations are available.
  • High Security cylinder, hardened drill resistant cylinder protector with a rotating disc, security cover plates on both sides of locking case. Four way mortise lock with Electronic monitoring function (lock/un-lock) – optional. Motorized cylinder with mechanic back-up optional