ARGAN door was designed in the influence of the minimalistic style, with a clean and calm design which fits the houses of hectic scheduled city people.

In the minimalistic style, each line and material counts, the very delicate lines send asymmetry, and the integration of a metal surface in a wider surface closes the circle by using materials such as light reflectors, glass, steel, stainless steel and other materials used in the design of the door based on the minimalistic concept. Less is more. ARGAN door is impressively simple and makes its environment peaceful

The Argan Door is an entrance door designed with minimalist wood finish. The decoration of the model was made by horizontal parallel lines cut at an uneven angle. A design that creates sophistication and interest. The unique handle of the model is made of stainless steel and completes the design’s visibility and angles. Modern design can have a clean twist when choosing neutral tones from the rich palette palette, or alternatively, to have a more

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