The HORTON door and its Mediterranean look with colors of blue, white and touches of green provides an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality, of an open house, of citrus, of coffee or tea with friends.

Here are some unique and inviting designs with living room furniture, bowls waiting to be served, wrapping and spoiling textiles, teapots to pour and candlesticks with candles to warm the atmosphere.

When the mediterranean / Jaffa style comes to us from the old fishermen’s houses in the shores of Greece, Italy, Spain and Morrocco. When the sea engulfs us, and the sun is hot overhead… The design is simple, colorful and warm.

Life is a celebration. Every meal is a chance to live life to the fullest with family and friends… Deep colors of indigo blue, deep yellow, fuchsia pink, red, orange and purple. The majority of construction in ancient Greece emphasized symmetry, and horizontal and vertical balance in space, and a perfect proportion. Maintain these principles if you
are building. The integration of columns or arcs is a matter of taste, but if they are sampled gently, they can add a mediterranean feeling.




  • The doors can be ordered in a variety of sizes, according to the demands of the customer.
  • Maximal leaf size 2.85 meters. Maximal width 1.36 meters.

Technical Details

  • Standardized door with multiple latches. The leaf of the door is covered by a laser cut aluminum board with a classic look. In the leaf of the door, there is a hose handle from stainless steel, and the radius of the handle matches the design lines of the door