The ORINOCO door was designed and born in REMO out of tranquility, straight from the office of Ron Delva, the house designer, and there, in his office, nothing shall break the inspiration and the inner peace.

The Japanese design is characterized by balance and order. Just like Yin and Yang, logic and tranquility, a clean, smooth look.

The natural materials, like rice paper and bamboo dictate the Japanese design. Japanese interior design, thereofore, is not about adding thing. The objective is to narrow down to a minimum the diversion and let the structure show off its grace and beauty.

Japanese interior design brings about a new way of looking upon paint.

Most of the colors used in Japanese designs are shades of white – off-white, cream etc., natural shades. The black delineates and defines the objects. The combination works by a harmony – think of a barrier from white sealed rice paper with a bright black wooden frame, what a calming thought…