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You are here because you care about the safety of your school. Does your school have a safety action plan? To establish a school safety action plan, visit Follow the simple questionnaire to guide you through the next steps using government resources.

Our Concept

We Make School Security Doors – By replacing the old unsafe classroom door with our signature school security door we create a safe room similar to a Mamad – an Israeli mandated safe room – keeping out any potential intruder and forming an anxiety free learning environment.

Our solution is by far the simplest, safest and most affordable. It complies with all codes.


Protecting Mental Health

How do we address kids’ mental health during mandatory lockdown drills, forcing them into a dark corner while they are quietly fearing someone breaking through the door?

Some children cannot distinguish between video games and reality, others allow their creative imaginations to wonder what is happening.

The effect of these drills cannot be measured and can last a lifetime.


Ultimate Solution

The REMO team came up with the ultimate solution to keep kids safe. We took components from two of our specialty metal doors, one being our high security forced entry, bullet resistant embassy door. And the other is our 90-minute UL listed fire door. Combining them to create our signature School security door and  “turning classrooms into safe rooms!”

By replacing the existing classroom door to a high security door with multi point bullet resistant, we created a safe school zone.

Door Configuration

We sell a complete solution, and unlike every other product on the market, our door comes with a complete assembly that is ready to be installed. Standard Door Package includes: Door Slab, Frame, Locking Mechanism, Handle Set, Cylinder, Hinges, Closer, Vision Light Kit, and Powder Coating.

Financing Opportunities

While security should be a given for any school, we recognize that security improvements sometimes require funds that school districts simply don’t have
today. Here are some creative and effective ways to raise money to enhance your school’s security. With traditional payment or conventional financing, schools can help offset the cost by spreading it out over several years. There are a number of Federal and State Grants through which money is made available to schools to use for security upgrades. Using a referendum, the town can provide relief, allowing for direct access to money for the school. Through fundraising and sponsorship opportunities, there are numerous options to take advantage of and provide your school with the tools to raise the necessary funds to turn classrooms into safe rooms.
Price is what you pay. Peace of mind is what you get. Is it worth it ? $1 per month per student.  At $2,500 per door, that’s $100 per student. As a society, we purchase insurance for every aspect of our lives… health insurance, auto and home insurance, life insurance, even travel insurance, just in case. We willingly buy cell phone insurance for our kids, which typically costs $10
per month. For $10 a year you can change your child’s future!

Traditional Payments & Budget Planning

Bank Financing


Referendum / Bond



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Our Concept

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“Harrington Park always leads the way and they are doing it again.”
Paul H. Harrington
Paul H. Harrington Park Mayor
“Great solution that protects during a lockdown without compromising fire safety. I know kids can get out quickly and easily if necessary.“
Fire Chief, Passaic County
“These doors should be installed in every school and every classroom. It’s a strong product.”
Bergen County Task Force Member

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