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With over 55 million children, not including educators, actively attending schools and universities in the U.S., creating a safe learning environment should be at the forefront. No child should have to consistently practice lockdown drills in the midst of their education, instilling a level of fear that interrupts the purpose of why they are there.

Our theory is to create “safe zones” within schools by turning classrooms into safe rooms with a retrofitted REMO school classroom door. Our parallel objective is to convert the time it takes to conduct these lockdown drills into time spent reading and writing. We want to produce a safety school solution that is also compliant with fire codes, practical for children to operate, and affordable for all schools to obtain.

We live in a complex world where we are unfortunately forced to worry about the safety of our children while they are in an environment where they should feel the most secure. The nation has witnessed a massive epidemic of guns on campus resulting in unimaginable tragedy throughout every level of education. 

The vulnerability our children and faculty are left with, no matter their age, race, religion, background, or whether they are part of a public or private school is unsettling; nobody should feel unsafe while teaching young minds or furthering their education.

There are more guns than citizens in the United States, and with the NRA proving to be unstoppable in their ways, it only makes sense to build a defense mechanism that can protect us from the dangers of this institution’s power. We are opening up the conversation and putting the spotlight on how many kids are affected by fear, anxiety, and trauma that ensues after a tragedy that takes place in an area where they are so supposed to feel most comfortable to be themselves. We are opening up a sector where we take into consideration the effects of running drills, pretending there is a shooter on campus, to instill fear and prepare children for the worst.

With this adversity, companies have been devising products to combat these alarming circumstances. Regrettably, the majority of the outputs either don’t work, are too expensive for schools to purchase, or don’t comply with the current school safety codes. As parents of grade school children and the U.S. partner of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of steel security doors based in Israel, we found this to be unacceptable and made it our mission to bring a reliable and affordable solution to the marketplace. With school shootings on the rise, we are left with no choice.

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