By replacing the old unsafe classroom door with our signature security door we create a safe room keeping out any potential intruder and forming an anxiety free learning environment.

Our solution is by far the simplest, safest and most affordable. It also complies with all codes.


How do we address kids’ mental health during mandatory lockdown drills, forcing them into a dark corner while they are quietly fearing someone breaking through the door?

Some children cannot distinguish between video games and reality, others allow their creative imaginations to wonder what is happening.

The effect of these drills cannot be measured and can last a lifetime.


The REMO team came up with the ultimate solution to keep kids safe. We took components from two of our specialty metal doors, one being our high security forced entry, bullet resistant embassy door. And the other is our 90-minute UL listed fire door. Combining them to create our signature classroom door, “turning classrooms into safe rooms!” By replacing the existing classroom door to a high security multi point bullet resistant door, we created a safe zone.


After our doors are installed, your entire school will be transformed into a safe haven. 


With over 55 million children, not including educators, actively attending schools and universities in the U.S., creating a safe learning environment should be at the forefront. No child should have to consistently practice lockdown drills in the midst of their education, instilling a level of fear that interrupts the purpose of why they are there. Our theory is to create “safe zones” within schools by turning classrooms into safe rooms with a retrofitted REMO school classroom door. Our parallel objective is to convert the time it takes to conduct these lockdown drills into time spent reading and writing. We want to produce a safety school solution that is also compliant with fire codes, practical for children to operate, and affordable for all schools to obtain.


We live in a complex world where we are unfortunately forced to worry about the safety of our children while they are in an environment where they should feel the most secure. The nation has witnessed a massive epidemic of guns on campus resulting in unimaginable tragedy throughout every level of education. The vulnerability our children and faculty are left with, no matter their age, race, religion, background, or whether they are part of a public or private school is unsettling; nobody should feel unsafe while teaching young minds or furthering their education.

There are more guns than citizens in the United States, and with the NRA proving to be unstoppable in their ways, it only makes sense to build a defense mechanism that can protect us from the dangers of this institution’s power. We are opening up the conversation and putting the spotlight on how many kids are affected by fear, anxiety, and trauma that ensues after a tragedy that takes place in an area where they are so supposed to feel most comfortable to be themselves. We are opening up a sector where we take into consideration the effects of running drills, pretending there is a shooter on campus, to instill fear and prepare children for the worst.


With this adversity, companies have been devising products to combat these alarming circumstances. Regrettably, the majority of the outputs either don’t work, are too expensive for schools to purchase, or don’t comply with the current school safety codes. As parents of grade school children and the U.S. partner of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of steel security doors based in Israel, we found this to be unacceptable and made it our mission to bring a reliable and affordable solution to the marketplace. With school shootings on the rise, we are left with no choice.

Harrington Park Elementary School Children are Now Safe

With school shootings on the rise, Harrington Park Elementary School realized the need to keep kids safe. And REMO Security Doors had the solution.

REMO Security Doors recently finished the first phase of their Security Door system at Harrington Park Elementary School, Harrington Park, New Jersey.

It’s vital that schools increase safety in the classrooms. And REMO’s mission is to turn classrooms into saferooms.

With a multi-point locking system and bullet resistant glass, REMO Security Doors have an overall durability for a lifetime of protection. REMO doors are superior to every other door on the market.

Harrington Park Elementary School children are now not only safe but also have peace of mind. REMO Security Doors ensure that students—and educators—will be getting the maximum out of the school system. Because schools should be a place of learning, not fear.


“There is finally a real and affordable solution to keep our children & teachers safe and happy. Peace of mind.”
Dr.Adam Fried
“This is a game changer.  No more barricading.  Current lockdown protocols will become irrelevant.  These doors must be mandatory in every classroom.”
Oren Raz
School Safety Consultant, Former Israeli Security Officer
“These doors should be installed in every school and every classroom.  It’s a strong product.”
Bergen County Task Force Member
“Now I can really focus on teaching instead of worrying about what to do during lockdown drills.  No more drama!  No more stress!”
Harrington Park Elementary School
“They’re good! I like the blue door.”
1st Grade Student, Harrington Park Elementary School
“Our most recent lockdown drill ran very smoothly.  I’ve seen the change in the kids in my classroom during all drills.”
Teacher, Bergen County
“I love the lock.  It’s the best part of the door.  The multi-point locking system is like nothing I’ve ever seen.”
Ross Herbert
Assistant Principal, Harrington Park Elementary School
“Great solution that protects during a lockdown without compromising fire safety.  I know kids can get out quickly and easily if necessary. “
Fire Chief
“Kids mental health is a big issue and the highest priority and the door takes care of it.  “
Administrator - Passaic County


Click the graphic below to view the History of School Shootings in the US.


Remo Security Doors – Keeping Your Children Safe

History of School Shootings

BR Glass Demo



REMO will work with you to see what grants may be avaiable for your school. Our in-house counsel has years of experience writing grants and will oversee the grant application process.

Conventional Financing

Financing available through a REMO Security Partner. We’ve teamed up with a financial institution to help secure up to 70% of the product cost, with no minimum order requirement.


Our fundraising team is available to meet and discuss available programs. We will also provide marketing materials to help you meet your fundraising goal.

Giving Back

REMO Security Doors believes in giving back to our community and is proud to partner with various non-profits and corporations.


Until recently, the effects lockdowns and lockdown drills would have on students were not considered. We are beginning to see articles written about the terror lockdowns and lockdown drills cause students. The REMO Classroom Door alleviates the stress of lockdown drills and lockdowns by turning classrooms into safe rooms. 

Below are some articles we have highlighted.



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The New York Times

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‘My school’s new emergency plan includes lockdown drills. How can we keep them from scaring the kids?
Practicing a plan to keep everyone safe can actually make children feel more confident.’ Jamie Howard, PhD.

In the year since Parkland shooting

Parkland Shooting

Bergen County task force urges sweeping changes to school security

Bergen County task force urges sweeping changes to school security

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The Washington Post

Democracy Dies in Darkness. ‘What if someone was shooting?’ Steven Rich and John Woodrow Cox. Dec. 26, 2018

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Education Week

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The Atlantic

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Campus Safety

School Lockdowns Could Have Psychological Effects on Children. An analysis from the Washington Post found that more than four million children in the U.S. endured school lockdowns last school year.’ Katie Malafronte. December 28, 2018

PBS New Hour

PBS News Hour

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Trump opposes 'active shooter drills.

PBS News HourTrump opposes 'active shooter drills.

Do safe schools need armed guards or armed teachers?

PBS News HourDo safe schools need armed guards or armed teachers?