Harrington Park Elementary School Children are Now Safe

With school shootings on the rise, Harrington Park Elementary School realized the need to keep kids safe. And REMO Security Doors had the solution.

REMO Security Doors recently finished the installing  their Security Door system at Harrington Park Elementary School, Harrington Park, New Jersey.

It’s vital that schools increase safety in the classrooms. And REMO’s mission is to turn classrooms into saferooms.

With a multi-point locking system and bullet resistant glass, REMO Security Doors have an overall durability for a lifetime of protection. REMO doors are superior to every other door on the market.

Harrington Park Elementary School children are now not only safe but also have peace of mind. REMO Security Doors ensure that students—and educators—will be getting the maximum out of the school system. Because schools should be a place of learning, not fear.

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