Security Doors & Safe Rooms Save Lives!

Government buildings are the most protected and following their own protocols they have implemented security doors and safe rooms throughout their facilities.
Corporate offices never had to worry about being protected. After a fired employee became an active shooter, they had to take precautions to be safe.
Houses of Worship, once places of freedom, have now become targeted. From an open door concept they became a locked door policy.
Security has become paramount everywhere!

Following our School Door concept, installing our high security doors will turn an office, a breakroom, a prayer room, or even a conference room into a safe room with the simple turn of a thumb lock. Active shooter incidents are often unpredictable and evolve quickly. In the midst of chaos, a safe room can play an integral role in mitigating the impacts of an event.
We all want to be safe. This is where safe rooms become very effective. We spend a great deal of time at work and at our religious institutions and we want to know we are protected