The Secret Behind the Parent-Teacher Conference

When a parent asks a child, “How was your school day?” a typical response will be “okay” or “fine.” If a parent pries, a child still may not want to talk.

If children are failing to tell their parents about a typical school day, they certainly are not telling their parents about lockdown drills.

Parent-teacher conferences are short and to the point. They’re about a child’s academics and classroom behavior. The topic of lockdown drills may be unaddressed. And that is not good.

Avoiding discussion of a lockdown drill can create anxiety in a child. According to a recent article in Campus Safety Magazine, a 6-year-old girl stated that while she has not stopped loving school because of lockdowns, they are often on her mind. They interrupt her learning and make her afraid during class and even recess.

The standard procedure of a lockdown drill is lights off; doors locked; blinds down. Nesting together in a dark classroom may throw a child off kilter. The event may cause a child to be more scared and more paranoid as they envision a shooting could happen in their school. It could also lead to depression, which of course could lead to lower grades. How can a child excel in school if they are worried?

But what if you learned that there was a solution? A solution where a child could concentrate on his or her studies, without fear of an intruder.

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