Is it Real, or is it a Lockdown?

School legislatures around the country are now stepping in, acknowledging the issue that school shootings are causing. They’ve been emphasizing the critical importance of lockdown drills to support the school’s overall safety plan.

We do need to prepare for the case of an active shooter, but what about the mental safety of our own kids?

Parkland High shooting survivor, Sydney Aiello, recently took her own life. Her parents stated to Miami Herald that she had been recently diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Whether it’s a real shooting, the aftermath of a shooting, or a lockdown drill, the impact on a student’s mental health is parallel, psychologically. Poor sleep, depression, shock, fear, and anxiety are all symptoms students may experience from the ordeal of a real shooting or a lockdown. These indicators are warning signs that a child can be well on his or her way to serious issues like mood disorders and suicidal thoughts.

While lockdowns can save lives during a real incident of violence, the practice of a routine lockdown drill on a typical school day can emotionally impair a child. The idea of violence alone can disrupt how a child sees the world. A kid who once went to school feeling safe will now be challenged to believe school is not dangerous.

Our kids are our future and they deserve more.

So how do we protect them?

With school shootings on the rise and lockdowns becoming a way of school life, REMO has come up with a way to normalize.

Turning classrooms into safe rooms, REMO has created a security door that is simple, easy, attainable—and affordable! REMO’s innovative school door has a multi-point locking system and is bullet resistant. An upmost priority for your classroom, it’s your number one source for high-security custom designed metal doors.

To assure that every child will be safe, REMO will work directly with you to get our Security School Doors into your classrooms. All schools can obtain our product. We have opportunities for grants, conventional financing, and fundraising.

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