School Shooting Safe Room: A Simple Solution to Save Lives

Despite all the talk about curbing gun violence and securing our schools, school violence is still on the rise. Parents are scared to send their children to school. Teachers and students are scared to be at school. Lockdown drills and inconsistent safety measures are affecting students’ mental health and academic success. While news stations and politicians throw accusations and dodge questions, real people and real businesses are coming up with real solutions to make schools safe again.

Ingenious contraptions have been invented to protect our children from one of the scariest threats: school mass shootings. Many of these contraptions are effective. They can physically prevent an attacker from entering a room. But they are not practical, up to code, or affordable.

Why School Lockdown Protocols Don’t Work

Why is there so much confusion over school lockdown protocols? The simple answer is: there is no protocol. Believe it or not, superintendents and principals are most in charge of school safety. Yes, that’s right, school administrators—not qualified security professionals. Certainly, school administrators do not want this responsibility, but they do the best they can, with the money they have. It is time for parents, security professionals, and legislators to mandate a standard protocol for school shootings that works.

Why Other Student Protection Options Aren’t the Solution to School Shootings

Numerous products and alternatives have been proposed to heighten school security. But unfortunately, most of them have major drawbacks. Here are the most proposed protection options and why they are not effective.

Door Barricades

· Most school doors have small windows. Barricades do not prevent a shooter or bomber from breaking the window, reaching inside to shoot, or throwing incendiary devices, like bombs, inside.
· Barricades keep a door from opening, but they do not protect students from forced entry
· Barricades usually require a trained adult to put them in place. The contraptions can be heavy, cumbersome, and time consuming to put in place. Younger students may not be able to secure the barricade if their teacher is unable to, or if they have an untrained substitute.
· Most door barricades are not up to code, especially fire code. They put students at a higher risk of being trapped in case of a fire.
· Door barricades have to be removed before anyone can enter, including rescue services.
· The prices and effectiveness vary greatly.
o $50-$2,000 per classroom

Security Cameras

· Installing security cameras is not a preventative measure.
· Security cameras are only effective post-event.
· They are costly and ineffective to monitor.

o $10,000-$50,000 installation plus monitoring services

Armed Guards or Police Officers

· Their effectiveness is limited by the number of guards present.
· Guards and officers can only protect their immediate location.
· They become the target for the shooter and can be ambushed.
· The costs are ongoing.
o At least $45,000 yearly per guard

Rolling Barricade

· They are designed for use by law enforcement.
· They do not protect students and teachers.
· They have high cost for low value
o $7,500 per unit

The Simple Solution to Keep Students Safe: Safety Doors

“The simplest solution is usually the best solution.” That old adage holds true for classroom security. The best solution is not to barricade the door. The best solution is to make the door itself virtually impenetrable. The simplest solution is to replace the doors with high security, bullet resistant doors. Switching out the doors is practical, affordable, and meets all safety codes. High-security doors effectively turn any room into a safe room. Classrooms, cafeterias, locker rooms, gyms, and more can be instantly secured by any person who can turn a thumb lock.

Remo Security Doors realized that with our experience and our manufacturing capabilities, we could create the ultimate solution to keep students safe. We took components from two of our specialty metal doors, our high security forced entry, bullet resistant embassy door, and our 90-minute UL listed fire door. We combined the ideal components to create our signature classroom door that would turn any classroom into a safe room. By replacing the existing classroom door to a high-security multi-point bullet resistant door, we created a safe zone.

Make Every Classroom a Safe Room

We can produce up to 450 doors per day- enough to retrofit several schools or an entire school district. We are ready to make our schools safer and do it as affordable as possible. The cost of our high-security doors averages only $100 per child, not including any grant money or fundraising. For less than $10 a month, students can feel safe and be safe in their classroom again.

It is time to rally schools, city officials, legislators, and more to require high-security doors to be installed in every school across the country. But you don’t have to wait on the slow-moving government to act. PTAs and parents are working with school administrators to get the job done. Parents who are done waiting on the government to keep their children safe are finding the money to get these doors in their children’s schools. Join the movement! Turn Classrooms into Safe Rooms

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